Meet the Team: Evelyn Poh

Evelyn is a finance professional with extensive experience building and leading diverse teams.   

We Are Hiring!

Next Level Communication is hiring a Communication Consultant for the Asia-Pacific region! We are a growing executive coaching and communication consultancy firm that works with multinationals, investment firms, and growth companies across the region. All work is remote, and hours are flexible.
A major multinational direct-sales company has been operating in China for over 25 years, with a large base of operations: experienced leadership team, local product production, and sales that has grown to over 20% of overall global revenue.
A venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in Beijing was preparing to raise a new fund from international limited partners (LPs). With an experienced leadership team, proprietary deal-flow, and a strong track record of investing early in fast-growth companies, the firm looked – at a glance – to be qualified for institutional funding.

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