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Episode 5: Matilda Ho @ Bits x Bites

In our 5th episode, we engage in a fascinating conversation with Matilda Ho, the Founder and Managing Director of Bits x Bites. Matilda dives into her remarkable food and career journey – from her discovery of diverse potato varieties while backpacking across South America, to her venture establishing the organic food platform YIMISHIJI, and finally to her founding Bits x Bites, potentially China’s first agrifood VC fund. Listen to learn about how Matilda and her team are transforming the Chinese food landscape, introducing better, cleaner, and safer food products to the market.

Matilda Ho is a serial entrepreneur and investor driving to create more sustainable food systems. She has founded Bits x Bites, China’s pioneer agrifood tech VC investing in early-stage startups tackling global food system challenges. She is also the founder of Yimishiji, an omni-channel lifestyle brand that promotes natural and organic food products to empower consumers to eat safer, healthier, and more mindfully. A former business designer and consultant at BCG and IDEO, she has worked extensively in the agricultural and food sector, using design thinking among other methodologies to simplify complex problems, find product-market fit, and drive sustainable business growth.

Bits x Bites is an agriculture and food tech VC based in Shanghai, investing in early-stage startups with transformative technologies to address the most critical challenges in the food system in China.

Jonathan Rechtman is a communication coach, simultaneous interpreter, co-founder of Next Level Communication and Cadence Translate. Based in China for over a decade, he has interpreted for multiple presidents and prime ministers, Hollywood stars, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Nobel prize winners, and has served as a communication coach to some of the country’s most influential C-suite executives. 

Next Level Communication is a communication advisory focused on helping teams and companies unlock value in every interaction. Whether it’s an investor pitch or your next board meeting, every message, for every audience, deserves expertise and intentionality. Our team of cross-disciplinary professionals with a combined 100+ years’ experience in high-stakes communication with world leaders, institutional investors, corporate boards, and executive teams. 

World of Allocators was launched in 2020 to encourage long-term thinking and adoption of the endowment approach among asset managers in China. We are a community of investors bridging domestic and overseas practitioners to share and learn. The World of Allocators platform reflects our ambition to unite like-minded professionals across the globe.

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