Better communication leads to better results.

We help great leaders and organizations become next level communicators.


Expertise and intentionality in every message for every audience.

Better communication can unlock value in every interaction we have – from first impressions to a final presentation, on paper or on stage, from a single stakeholder to an audience of millions.

Our team can support you each step of the way – from your first investor pitch to your next board of directors meeting.

Next Level Coaching enhances your ability to communicate your message. It gives you a fresh perspective that can improve your performance.

Next Level Consulting supports your team to articulate a clear communication strategy, craft compelling messages, and deliver impactful outcomes.

Who we serve

Everyone can reach their next level as a communicator.

Our clients come from different industries and different cultures.

What they share is a drive to reach their next level as communicators. They come to us to perform their best when the stakes are highest.

Here is what our clients have to say:

25+ years

Helping world leaders and organizations communicate.

We’ve dedicated our careers to helping people better understand one another – and to better understand themselves in the process.

who we are


Cross-border Communication

For over a decade, Jonathan has helped world leaders, Fortune 100 CEOs, Hollywood celebrities and Nobel Prize winners communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers.

He is a co-founder of Next Level Communication and Cadence Translate. Jonathan has served as a member of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum; as a mentor at Chinaccelerator and the Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University; and as a visiting instructor at the University of Ottawa and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (UIBE).

Quoc Tran

Cross-border Talent Development

Quoc is a finance professional with over fifteen years’ experience building and managing teams across the US and Asia-Pacific.

Prior to co-founding Next Level Communication, Quoc spent fourteen years at Goldman Sachs, most recently as Head of Operations in Tokyo. He led key global initiatives, and recruited and led teams across Tokyo, Beijing, Bangalore, and Salt Lake City. Prior to Goldman, Quoc worked for Guggenheim Partners in New York, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. Quoc holds an MBA from NYU Stern and is a CFA Charterholder.

What We Think

Life Love Money Meaning with Jonathan Rechtman

Life Love Meaning Money is a podcast about the world’s most fascinating people, projects, and ideas. Host Jonathan Rechtman speaks with innovators, operators, advisors, and investors to uncover the hidden connections, insights, and ironies that make today’s global economy so beautiful and bizarre.

In search of: an amazing Next Level consultant.

Next Level Communication is hiring a Communication Consultant for the Asia-Pacific region! We are a growing executive coaching and communication consultancy firm that works with multinationals, investment firms, and growth companies across the region. All work is remote, and hours are flexible.

Meet the Team: Christopher Day

Chris is a strategy consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in rapid growth markets.  

Meet the Team: Jay Wang

Jay is committed to the mission of helping individuals and teams reach their full potential at work and beyond.

Meet the Team: Gideon May

Gideon May has dedicated his life to bridging the cultural and language divide between China and the U.S.

We Are Hiring!

Next Level Communication is hiring a Communication Consultant for the Asia-Pacific region! We are a growing executive coaching and communication consultancy firm that works with multinationals, investment firms, and growth companies across the region. All work is remote, and hours are flexible.

Board of Directors Presentation

A major multinational direct-sales company has been operating in China for over 25 years, with a large base of operations: experienced leadership team, local product production, and sales that has grown to over 20% of overall global revenue.

PE Fundraise

A venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in Beijing was preparing to raise a new fund from international limited partners (LPs). With an experienced leadership team, proprietary deal-flow, and a strong track record of investing early in fast-growth companies, the firm looked – at a glance – to be qualified for institutional funding.

lets talk

The Client

The leadership team of a private equity firm based in Beijing.

The Challenge

A China-based private equity firm looked to raise $500mn for its second fund primarily from international LPs.

Despite an experienced leadership, proprietary deal flow, and a strong record of investing in early-growth companies – the team’s first fund was primarily raised from domestic China investors.

How can this team win the trust and confidence – and most importantly investment mandates – from international LPs?

The Solution

Over the course of six months, we delivered an integrated package of coaching and consulting solutions to take the client from their first meetings to their due diligence discussions.

The Result

The fund received over $300mn in its first close, with strong interest in subsequent rounds. We continued to work with the fund on their investor follow-ups to capitalize on their fund-raising momentum.

The Client

A US-based multinational with large independent operations in China, and ambitions to drive further growth over the coming 10 years.

The Challenge

A uniquely challenging market – in terms of consumer preferences, regulations, and distribution channels – the client’s early success stalled as the competition and market evolved.

The local leadership team needed to take bold steps to transform their business to keep up with the market.

How does this team communicate their strategic plans to global leadership, and gain sufficient confidence and support to execute?

The Solution

We support the client through both a combination of coaching and consulting in preparation for their most critical meetings – the global CEO, leadership team, and board of directors.

That support includes brainstorming sessions on their strategy and messaging, presentation material alignment, and presentation coaching for the local leadership team.

The Result

The China leadership team was able to receive complete buy-in to their strategy, and recognition for many of the innovative ideas that they’ve come to implement.

In a further vote of confidence, individuals from the local team have been asked to sit on global steering committees to apply many of these ideas to the global stage.