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Who we are

Expertise + Experience

Our team has a combined 100+ years’ experience in high-stakes communication with world leaders, institutional investors, corporate boards, and executive teams. We offer bespoke service – on-site and remote – from 9 locations across Asia-Pacific and the United States.

Cross-border Communication
For over a decade, Jonathan has helped world leaders, Fortune 100 CEOs, Hollywood celebrities and Nobel Prize winners communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers.
Cross-border Talent Development
Quoc is a finance professional with over fifteen years’ experience building and managing teams across the US and Asia-Pacific.
Media and PR Consultant
Abi is a communication expert who has diverse experience from news media, PR agencies, and the corporate world.
Strategy Consultant​
Chris is a strategy consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in rapid growth markets.
Global Leadership Development​
Evelyn is a finance professional with extensive experience building and leading diverse teams.
Organizational Culture & Coaching​
Jay is committed to the mission of helping individuals and teams reach their full potential at work and beyond.