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Episode 6: Nicole Su @ Jadehouse Capital

In our 6th episode, we engage in a conversation with Nicole Su, co-founder of Jadehouse Capital. Nicole has over a decade of buy-side experience, and now dedicates herself with helping allocators and fund managers improve capital efficiency, and streamline their fundraising. In this episode, Nicole shares her experience with the secondary market, effective negotiating tactics, and how meditation changed her perspective on life in finance.

Nicole Su is the co-founder of Jadehouse Capital. Prior to establishing Jadehouse in 2020, Nicole accumulated a decade of experience on the buy-side. Her career began with a global Secondary fund, followed by a role at an investment platform owned by one of China’s largest insurance companies.

Jadehouse Capital, a first-generation financial advisory firm in China, distinguishes itself through its deep local roots and international perspective. The firm specializes in assisting allocators and fund managers in enhancing performance, improving capital efficiency, and streamlining fundraising processes.

Next Level Communication is a communication advisory focused on helping teams and companies unlock value in every interaction. Whether it’s an investor pitch or your next board meeting, every message, for every audience, deserves expertise and intentionality. Our team of cross-disciplinary professionals with a combined 100+ years’ experience in high-stakes communication with world leaders, institutional investors, corporate boards, and executive teams. 

World of Allocators was launched in 2020 to encourage long-term thinking and adoption of the endowment approach among asset managers in China. We are a community of investors bridging domestic and overseas practitioners to share and learn. The World of Allocators platform reflects our ambition to unite like-minded professionals across the globe.

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