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What we do
Presentation Accelerator

For High-Stakes Communication

Take your pitch to the next level

Next Level Communication helps executives and teams excel in their most critical communications moments, whether it’s presenting to the Board of Directors, or pitching to investors. We put you at your best, when the stakes are at their highest. Our Presentation Accelerator is designed to help you capture attention, effectively communicate your message with clarity and conciseness, and maximize your impact with your stakeholders.

What makes an impactful presentation? NLC’s three-part Presentation Accelerator is the answer.

  1. Story Discovery: NLC works with you to frame your journey and capture your audience’s attention. We structure the narrative to make it easy to understand, while conveying key messages.
  2. Presentation Coaching: Our professional bilingual (English/Chinese) coaches work you and your team on presentation delivery. We identify key areas of focus to ensure you are speaking with confidence.
  3. Collateral: We ensure your presentation is supported and enhanced by its supporting materials. We will work with you to align the presentation deck with your story – including copywriting, editing and design.

What Our Presentation Accelerator includes:

  • Accelerator timeline: 2-3 weeks
  • Story Discovery: 1-2 sessions
  • Presentation Coaching: typically 3 sessions, including a mock presentation and feedback
  • Presentation materials uplift: 1-3 weeks, depending on scope of work